We have been Roasting Coffee in Salt Lake City since 1992. Rimini Coffee is a small family of hard-working people who love coffee. We believe life is too short to drink mediocre coffee, which is why we make sure each roast is hand-crated to reach it’s full potential.

Our commitment to providing the best locally produced quality product begins with purchasing green beans from brokers who maintain close working relationships with the farmers growing the coffee. We believe that not only is the quality of coffee we produce important, but the quality of life for the farmers growing our beans. From purchasing sustainable green beans to roasting quality coffee and supporting the community, we are dedicated to the art of coffee and it’s ability to bring people together.

So whether you prefer a coffee, an espresso, or want us to formulate a blend that you can call your own, let us provide you with the best and most reliable products and service.

We offer our hand crafted, small batch roasted coffees in both 5 lb. for wholesale accounts and 1 lb. bags for retail customers. We also offer barista training and assistance with equipment purchases.

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