For everyone that loves coffee they know it can also be an expensive habit. From drive thru windows, $5 mochas and even $2 drip coffee every day can add up to thousands of dollars a year. I used to be one of those drive thru shoppers 3 – 5 days a week, every week. I finally broke down and purchased 1 lb. bags pre-ground four years ago and never looked back. I now have a choice each morning for drip, French Press or stovetop espresso. I also have a peculator for camping.

So now that my options have been opened up and I’m saving wheelbarrows of money, buying coffee can now be the expensive part. When purchasing coffee the most cost effective way would be the grocery store house blend or your generic Folgers coffee. It’s extremely cheap and most likely you are already buying it at your local dinner for breakfast. It does the job, but not very well. The next option if buying your favorite drive-through brand. Almost all the companies I saw in the grocery store range from $10 – $14 for a 12 oz. bag of beans. You can than grind it to your specifications on the spot or take it home to be home ground. This would seem like a good option until you realize these bags are under a pound! Rimini Coffee is selling their product in 16 oz.; 1lb. bags for $12 a pound. That’s 4 oz. more for around the same price. Buying local does make sense.

Although prices for coffee have gone up in recent years because of demand, strife and floods, we are hoping to keep our prices to match our competitors while offering a local and fresh alternative to store bought brands.