Collectively we all make up our communites and cities that we live in. From the local shops, chain stores and individual family houses we all play a part in the direction (for better or worse) our living space is shaped. cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is a community oriented business that sheds light on individual artists and musicians, local businesses and residential spaces that make up the great Wasatch Front. We had the pleasure of having Amy Tibbals, Editor of the COLLECTIVE over for a cup of coffee to discuss the history of Rimini Coffee and the future of coffee in Utah. “Even if the name isn’t readily recognizable, you’ve had a cup of Rimini coffee. Really. If you’re a local who’s been to any number of fantastic local joints for any number of meals, drinks, or snacks, then you’ve tasted the good stuff. And we’re confident you liked it.”


Rimini Outside Photo Mark Roasting