The truly remarkable virtue that embodies coffee aside from its flavor, aroma, or profile is its magic in bringing people together. It fuels relationships. It is a catalyst for community. The way it naturally brings us closer is even more reason why we love what we do. It’s our pleasure to acknowledge this fortunate aspect in our day to day lives and the many incredible friendships that have come our way throughout the years. Friendships that are exceptional and hold their own over time, defined by depth and generosity. 

One such friendship that stands out this week for all of us at Rimini Coffee is one that started eight years ago with the Higher Ground Coffee crew when Kyle Dempster and Ty Snelling walked through our doors. 

We remember where we were just one year ago paired with where we are today and the feeling of something missing is acute and uninterrupted. This time last year, Kyle sauntered into the shop to touch base with us and gather provisions for himself and his climbing partner Scott Adamson, just prior to his next alpinist excursion to Pakistan's Karakoram Range. We laughed, joked, shared stories and basically caught up to speed on each other’s lives and goings on.

Kyle outlined pieces of what Scott and he were taking on. An unbelievably challenging and beautiful route.  One of two summits that comprise Baintha Brakk—the unclimbed North face of Ogre II (22.835 feet / 6.960 meters). Undeniably world class. As usual, we were left speechless in relating to the sheer extremity of their plans and happily defaulted to a roomful of indulgent smiles.

We were so grateful for his occasional pop in's. Always genuine. Always considerate. Never difficult with Kyle to make an authentic connection. It's easy to cherish friendships that cultivate so naturally. Seeing him out we hugged and sent our best, for their safe travels and unmatched joy in doing what they do best. They did it so well.

A year has passed and we continue to think about Kyle and Scott. What they enacted rather than dreamt. How inspiration remains and the effect that ripple has in its vastness. Our hearts are in hopes of solace, to their families, friends and loved ones. Our hearts are out to our friend Ty and the entire crew at Higher Ground Coffee. We send our best in this time of reflection and recall.

Endless thanks to all those who donated time, energy, love and support here at home and in the search effort abroad. It was truly one of the largest examples of care and concern in community that we've ever seen. Grace on that scale is an amazing thing to see and a gift to be a part of. Remembering friends and all that defines it.     Miss you boys.

Story about the search: